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  • Enhanced Spam filter feature (BCL)

    Enhanced Spam filter feature (BCL)

    Microsoft rolling out Bulk Complaint Level rating to Exchange Online Protection Customers. Bulk email, or Commercial spam doesn’t have to be ugly or a risc, so normal spam filters grant them Access to Your Inbox. The New EOP feature have a 7 Level protection from these, often unwanted emails. So we need to make a…

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  • DirSync Filtering

    DirSync Filtering

    HowTo Filter users synced to Office 365. Open your Synchronization Service Manager:┬áC:Program FilesMicrosoft Online Directory SyncSYNCBUSSynchronization ServiceUIShellmiisclient.exe Go to: From here we can do several filtering, but I will show the most used filtering which is from Organizational Units. Choose your domain forest level and click on Containers… You will be asked for password to…

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