Enhanced Spam filter feature (BCL)

Microsoft rolling out Bulk Complaint Level rating to Exchange Online Protection Customers.

Bulk email, or Commercial spam doesn’t have to be ugly or a risc, so normal spam filters grant them Access to Your Inbox.

The New EOP feature have a 7 Level protection from these, often unwanted emails.

So we need to make a filter in Exchange Online, and we can choose what action to take on these filtered emails.

We can adjust the Level, but these bulk emails might be wanted aswell sometimes. But what if Our need goes outside these Levels?

We can choose to mark emails as Spam, move emails to Spamfolder or whitelist domains and IP addresses, so even if we choose the highest Level of filter (1) we can choose certain bulk emails to get through.

For example, we tend to sign up for Newsletters and Updates when we contribute to forums. These can be whitelisted incase we need a high Level of filter.

About the filter, it is a database of known bulk sender, rated within criteria.

Low BCL Rating:
Recipient intentionally signed up to receive email from sender.
Provide and respects unsubscribe options.
Low complaint volume.

High BCL Rating:
Recipient didn’t sign up to receive email from sender.
Does not provide or respect unsubscribe options.
High complaint volume.

A realy Nice feature the EOP has lacked compared to other Email Protection services.

To myself it will contribute mostly to unwanted emails I have subscribed to, but haven’t been able to unsubscribe from.

Source: Office blog. 

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