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  • Exchange Hybrid Agent fails with Exit Code 1603

    Recently had the pleasure of upgrading a customers hybrid configuration to using Hybrid Agents, with the main reason being less complicated hybrid design. It did fail rather early on Install Hybrid Agent, right after entering my credentials for Azure AD with this error: Setup terminated with an Exit Code 1603. We could see further detailed […]

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  • Error 8344 Insufficient Access Rights

    Error 8344 Insufficient Access Rights

    An Export Error within Azure AD Sync/Connect/DirSync/FIM/MIM when configured with Exchange Hybrid: Error Code: 8344 Error: Insufficient access rights to perform the operation. Exchange Hybrid configuration tests writeback from Azure AD, and needs the necessary permissions set by the Installation on the Active Directory Connector System Account to allow this writeback. Solution: If you can’t turn […]

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  • The WSMan Client cannot process the request

    The WSMan Client cannot process the request

    Proxy is not supported under HTTP transport. Change the transport to HTTPS and specify valid proxy information and try again. A Customer where using Web Proxy to Access Internet and Local Sites, so we had the Proxy Settings bypass all local domain names: But that wasn’t enough for Internet Explorer running on a Windows Server […]

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  • Staged VS Hybrid Migration

    Staged VS Hybrid Migration

    Should we use Staged or Hybrid Migration? To answer this question we often ask if the On-premises Exchange Organization will be permanent in Hybrid With Exchange Online? Because if so, Hybrid is the option to favor. Hybrid is still a migration option, so after a couple of Projects you will see it isn’t build to […]

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  • Uninstall Primary Exchange 2010 Hybrid

    Uninstall Primary Exchange 2010 Hybrid

    So, secondary server is uninstalled. Now, we can uninstall Primary Exchange 2010 Hybrid Server or if you only have one, this blog post might be more for you. As in the prior unstallation of the secondary Exchange 2010 hybrid servers, I start With the uninstallation to see what prereqs we have to deal With and […]

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  • Uninstall Secondary Exchange 2010 Hybrid

    Uninstall Secondary Exchange 2010 Hybrid

    I often do Exchange Hybrid for medium and large customers, so they can migrate to Exchange Online in Office 365. Every customer gets a free Exchange 2013 License to create a Hybrid Server, which is a must for Exchange 2007, but for Exchange 2010 you can Upgrade to latest Service Pack and have Hybrid features […]

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  • EnTrust Root Certificate Error

    EnTrust Root Certificate Error

    Yesterday Microsoft updated and the result is all EnTrust Root Certificates are not trusted anymore. This is because 1024 bit key isn’t good enough after the update, and the RootCA needs to be changed to minimum 2024 bit.

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  • Exchange Hybrid with ISA/TMG/UAG

    Exchange Hybrid with ISA/TMG/UAG

    So you wanne have Exchange Hybrid with either ISA, TMG or UAG. Maybe because you allready have OnPrem Exchange with pre-authentication in your ISA/TMG/UAG. Well, the easy answer is: It will not work! Why? Because some services required in Hybrid doesn’t work with pre-authentication. Can you fix it? Yes! You need to make an optional […]

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  • What and why Lync Hybrid?

    What and why Lync Hybrid?

    What is Hybrid? Hybrid is a state of two different organizations on some level work togethere. What is Lync Hybrid? Lync Hybrid is a connection between your OnPremises Lync Server and Lync Online. Key Features: 1. Shared Namespace for SIP Address (@contoso.com) (route traffic to right server) 2. Move uses up and down to Lync […]

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  • Office 365 getting blacklisted by Spamcannibal

    Office 365 getting blacklisted by Spamcannibal

    Out in the big world there are alot of different blacklists to use with your e-mail flow, and among them there are some more aggressive then other. Some follow a best practice way of blacklisting, and some doesn’t. Office 365 are using a pool of public IPs, so this will not regard every customer or […]

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