What and why Lync Hybrid?

What is Hybrid?
Hybrid is a state of two different organizations on some level work togethere.

What is Lync Hybrid?
Lync Hybrid is a connection between your OnPremises Lync Server and Lync Online.
Key Features:
1. Shared Namespace for SIP Address (@contoso.com) (route traffic to right server)
2. Move uses up and down to Lync Online.

What will Lync Hybrid give your users?
Lync Hybrid will not give your users any new feature by enabling Hybrid. Despite enabling Hybrid it is still two seperate Lync Servers when communicating with eahother, so Federating needs to be activated aswell.

Why do you want Lync Hybrid?

There are several reasons or scenarios where you can take advantage of Lync Hybrid.

1. You have other Cloud Services from Office 365 and can include Lync for a very small extra fee.
1.1 Plan E4 will also address OnPremises Lync Client Access Licenses, so if you a user have E4 in Office 365 it is also licensed for OnPremises Lync with all its features.

2. You want the features of OnPremises Lync for a batch of users, but the other batch doesn’t need them.
2.1 Take advantage of Lync Online with its ease of use and maintenance while its cheap to license them to.

3. Educational Purposes have alot of students and them can easily excist in Lync Online for free.

4. You want make a smooth move to Lync Online over time.


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2 responses to “What and why Lync Hybrid?”

  1. Frank Mahon Avatar

    What happens to your Lync-O365 Cloud users when your on-prem system becomes inaccessible? Will they still function?

    1. royapalnes Avatar

      Hi Frank, sorry for a late respond. Your Lync Online Users will work internally among your users in Lync Online, but your Onprem communication and federated communication will be inacessible. This is when your onprem Lync Edge Server becomes inaccessible. This is because your Lync Edge Server will be the target of your DNS Records (vanity domain) in Lync and Lync Online. Without your OnPrem Lync Edge Server, the federation will not find the Lync Online Servers or your OnPrem Lync Server. Which is the same between Lync Online and Lync OnPrem as for Lync Online and other external Lync Servers. Only the Lync Edge Server is shared for the possibility of shared namespace.

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