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  • Lync combined with Skype = Skype for Business!

    Lync combined with Skype = Skype for Business!

    Lync vNext will be released as Skype for Business, is that a problem or a good thing? It wasn’t a big surprise, but I was hoping for a better name then Skype for Business. Mainly because we have seen how users are confused between OneDrive and OneDrive for Business. By doing the same to Lync […]

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  • TechEd 2015?

    TechEd 2015?

    Are you planning for TechEd 2015 or maybe it will be Unified Technology Event? A little confusing from Microsoft, but TechEd is not dead. It will be replaced/cohappening with this new Unified Technology Event. Microsoft started merging Conferences and seminars earlier this year, so this will hopefully take it to the Level it used to […]

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  • PS: Script license assigning for Office 365

    PS: Script license assigning for Office 365

    Wanted to share a script for assigning Licenses to Office 365 Users based on Security Groups in Your local Active Directory.   #Command One – Find users in local Security Group $LyncGroup=Get-ADGroupMember -Identity ‘LyncOnline’ -Recursive | %{get-aduser $_.samaccountname} | Select UserPrincipalName #$LyncGroup is just a placeholder for every users UserPrinciplaName found in the Security Group […]

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  • Microsoft P-TSP Office 365

    Microsoft P-TSP Office 365

    As an consultant I have the uppertunity to specialise and have done so in Office 365 the past two years. Along with all the good work my colleagues do as a Microsoft Partner, we want to work even closer with Microsoft. The Program is about making each other stronger by taking advantage of our expertise […]

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  • What and why Lync Hybrid?

    What and why Lync Hybrid?

    What is Hybrid? Hybrid is a state of two different organizations on some level work togethere. What is Lync Hybrid? Lync Hybrid is a connection between your OnPremises Lync Server and Lync Online. Key Features: 1. Shared Namespace for SIP Address (@contoso.com) (route traffic to right server) 2. Move uses up and down to Lync […]

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