Lync combined with Skype = Skype for Business!

Lync vNext will be released as Skype for Business, is that a problem or a good thing?

It wasn’t a big surprise, but I was hoping for a better name then Skype for Business. Mainly because we have seen how users are confused between OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.

By doing the same to Lync we will have another fight With the end users wether Skype for Business is Worth the money above Skype for Consumers. But hopefully the Skype for Business (@Skype4B) will only be a richer Version of Skype, so we don’t see the same troublesome difference like With OneDrive and OneDrive for Business (@OneDrive4B).

The problem With OneDrive and OneDrive for Business is that OneDrive for Business doesn’t have the same features, but richer then OneDrive for Consumers. OneDrive for Consumers is acctually a better service then OneDrive for Business, especially for endusers with Windows 8 or 8.1. But I’ll leave that for now, to another blogpost later as there are upsides to OneDrive for Business compared to OneDrive for Consumers aswell.

I do understand the marketing side, as Skype has become the best service for Consumers world wide and it will give Lync the kick it needs to compete with other services like Cisco Jabber and Sametime.

We will have a Product with Lync underneath and Skype user Interface, so looking forward to see this rolled out to Office 365 tenants during the next year. For hosters, there will not be an Hosting Pack and OnPremises Servers will need to be upgraded to Skype for Business Server. For Norwegian hosters, check out Microsoft’s LEAD Program for hosting Lync/Skype for Business in the future, by contacting your Microsoft Partner Contact.

Source: Sky blog.


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  1. The Avatar

    How reliable is the information that in there won’t be any Hosting Pack?

    1. Roy Apalnes Avatar

      Lync Online will be the prefered multitenant from Microsoft, and allthough I can’t find the Microsoft Statement in a quick search, it is because an insane amount of blogs say the same. It was announced at WPC 2014 it is end of life for hosting pack. We might see better feature for multitenant in Skype Enterprise, but today we do it With AD segregation and custom address books. We can also do multi to multi, With Office 365 Hybrid Solutions, but its not part of a whitepaper yet.

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