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  • Outlook for iOS – Blocking the app

    Outlook for iOS – Blocking the app

    Using the Exchange ActiveSync Management Policies, we can block this app from connecting to Our Exchange hosted Mailboxes. This Outlook App is identified in the Exchange ActiveSync Management as ‘Outlook-iOS-Android/1.0’. The OWA for iOS and Android will be available for periode of time, but it will not be further developed. At the moment there aren’t […]

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  • Outlook Backend Cloud Service – Data Storage

    Outlook Backend Cloud Service – Data Storage

    What does this Backend Cloud Service for Outlook store and for how long? Microsoft stores a subset of email, calendar information and attachments. It is said to be stored for atleast a month, but longer if the user accesses the items more then once. Today it stored in Amazon Web Services, but during 2015 it […]

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  • Outlook for iOS – Roadmap

    Outlook for iOS – Roadmap

    Outlook for iOS is still missing keypoints in the feature toolbox, so here is a little list of what Microsoft said during todays YamJam what is in the roadmap. – Encrypted Email Support – Join Lync Meeting Link – Global Address List Searchable – SharePoint Calendar Access – OneDrive for Business – Synchronize Contacts to […]

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  • Outlook for iOS Authentication – Deeper dive

    Outlook for iOS Authentication – Deeper dive

    Lets look a little deeper into the Security mechanism behind Outlook for iOS, and I believe alot of the Buzz during the last days could have been avoided. Microsoft addresses this issue, because an iOS Device will terminate the Application trying to run in the background, after 10 minutes. Making the app unable to check […]

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  • Outlook for iOS – Update!

    Outlook for iOS – Update!

    Microsoft held a YamJam today in the Office 365 IT Pros Network, underneath the Exchange IT Pro Group. We have been discussing the Security, Features and Controls, but lets have a look the Security which is the bigger Buzz the last days. Outlook for iOS and soon Android uses a Backend Cloud Service. The firstĀ purpose […]

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  • Outlook for iOS – Unsecure?

    Outlook for iOS – Unsecure?

    What is the Buzz? Microsoft rebrands their purchase of Acompli to Outlook and relaunches it for iOS and in preview for Android. Alot of ITpros and Sysadmins have banned the App from their MDM controlled Devices, because it has two potential security risks. 1. It integrates with cloud services like OneDrive and Dropbox, for consumers […]

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  • OneDrive or OneDrive for Business?

    OneDrive or OneDrive for Business?

    Isn’t it confusing? What are the differences? Are they the same but not completly the same? OneDrive is for consumers, and it is free of charge. It is also a Microsoft Account and will be used as your login Name and Password if Your running Windows 8/8.1/10. It doesn’t cost money, but nothing is really […]

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  • New Outook for Mac OS X

    New Outook for Mac OS X

    Microsoft releases New version of Outlook to Mac OS X users, and next year we will have a full New Office for OS X. About time as the last was released in 2011, so read more at the Office Blog and I will post more when I get my hands on a Mac OS X […]

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  • Office 365 OWA Feature

    Office 365 OWA Feature

    Allmost every week I notice something New With OWA these days, and it’s because my Company uses Office 365 Exchange Online. Not only is it an advantage for me to use what I try to follow closely and keep me updated in, but it allways grants me the latest features without any System Administrator involved. […]

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  • Rules in Exchange Online?

    Rules in Exchange Online?

    There are three different Exchange Online Plans: Exchange Online-Kiosk Exchange Online Plan 1 Exchange Online Plan 2 The Kiosk Plan which is included in K1 for Enterprise does not allow rules. You will need to upgrade or add a another Plan containing Exchange Online Plan 1 or 2. You could just buy one Exchange Online […]

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