Outlook for iOS – Roadmap

Outlook for iOS is still missing keypoints in the feature toolbox, so here is a little list of what Microsoft said during todays YamJam what is in the roadmap.

– Encrypted Email Support
– Join Lync Meeting Link
– Global Address List Searchable
– SharePoint Calendar Access
– OneDrive for Business
– Synchronize Contacts to native phone apps
– Notification when receiving mail to a subfolder
– Hide unwanted Connectors like OneDrive and Dropbox
– Restrict copy/cut/paste/save possiblity with Intune
– Intune/SCCM Selective Wipe/Retire Device
– Azure Rights Management Service Integrated
– Enforce Active Sync Policies like Pincode/timeout
– MailTips

Microsoft says they will update the App atleast every month, maybe even more.

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  1. […] Les évolutions programmées sont multiples : chiffrement des courriers, compatibilité OneDrive for Business, accès aux calendriers SharePoint, synchronisation avec le carnet d’adresses d’iOS, passerelles Dropbox et OneDrive pouvant être masquées, notification pour des mail arrivés dans un sous-dossier, etc (liste complète). […]

    1. Roy Apalnes Avatar

      Translated: The planned developments are multiple encryption of mail, compatibility OneDrive for Business, access to SharePoint calendars, sync with Address Book iOS, Dropbox and OneDrive gateways can be hidden, for email notification came in a sub -Dossier etc.

      Thank you for the contribution, allthough I don’t speak French 🙂

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