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  • Outlook for iOS – Roadmap

    Outlook for iOS – Roadmap

    Outlook for iOS is still missing keypoints in the feature toolbox, so here is a little list of what Microsoft said during todays YamJam what is in the roadmap. – Encrypted Email Support – Join Lync Meeting Link – Global Address List Searchable – SharePoint Calendar Access – OneDrive for Business – Synchronize Contacts to […]

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  • How to use Office Protection and Rights Management?

    How to use Office Protection and Rights Management?

    Protect Word documents, Excel worksheets and PowerPoint Presentation With Rights Management Service (RMS). These days we talk alot about privacy terms and how the larger Companies meet demands from laws and not to mention us as customers, but what do we do ourself to protect Our data? Take a look at these screenshots: Mark as […]

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  • Azure RMS with your own private key

    Azure RMS with your own private key

    Heres a guide for planning and implementing Your own private key (BYOK – Bring Your Own Key) to secure Your documents protected by Rights Management Service. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn440580.aspx Why BYOK? I will say mostly when Your compliance rules say you have to, or if would be good enough to persuade someone a little 🙂

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  • Office 365 Message Encryption

    Office 365 Message Encryption

    Source: Technet blog from Anshuman Mansingh Great article about Message Encryption in Office 365, and here are some keypoints: TLS encrypts the tunnel between mail server to help prevent snooping/eavesdropping. SSL encrypts the connection between mail clients and Office 365 servers. BitLocker encrypts the data on the hard drives in the datacenter so that if […]

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