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  • Preview Azure Active Directory Reports

    Preview Azure Active Directory Reports

    Azure Active Directory recives reporting services. What can we look into: Audit – Key changes within AAD like the action, timestamp, the user/application that performed the action, and the user/application on which the action was performed. Included in Azure AD Free/Basic/Premium. Password reset Activity provides the history of resets done (within the last month) and gives […]

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  • AAD Premium with Password Reset Write-back

    AAD Premium with Password Reset Write-back

    How to configure AAD and DirSync With AAD Premium and Password Reset Write-back funtionality, let’s have a look! Making DirSync even more powerfull, Microsoft introduces Password Reset Write-back for customers using DirSync With Password Synchronization. You need AAD Premium Licenses which can be bought from a LAR or through Your Enterprise Agreement, and from there assign the […]

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