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Azure Active Directory recives reporting services.

What can we look into:

Audit – Key changes within AAD like the action, timestamp, the user/application that performed the action, and the user/application on which the action was performed. Included in Azure AD Free/Basic/Premium.
Password reset Activity provides the history of resets done (within the last month) and gives inside to how users changes their password. What seems to be popular and a chance to educate other users to be more efficient.

Data provided

We currently log over 30 events, including-

  • Changes in role membership (ex: user added to Global Admin role)
  • Credential updates (ex: password changes)
  • Domain management (ex: verifying a custom domain, removing a domain)
  • Adding or removing applications
  • User management (ex: adding, removing, updating a user)
  • Adding or removing licenses

Next steps:

We plan to release the following enhancements soon:

  • Add detailed information about password reset failures to the password reset activity report
  • Add a password reset dashboard showing key information about how many users are enabled and registered for password reset, as well as at-a-glance information about how password reset is being used day-to-day
  • Add a registration status report which tells you which users are registered and which users are not, giving you an easy way to get your entire org registered for the password reset capability
  • Provide the data for a longer time period

Source: Technet Article by x_SimonsMS and Ruchi Chopra, the Program Manager for Azure AD Reporting.


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