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  • How I started learning KQL for Sentinel

    How I started learning KQL for Sentinel

    I recently made it through the Microsoft Cloud Skill Challenge: Microsoft Ignite: Protect Everything Challenge and it is a lot of information in this challenge. Oh my lord, how Microsoft Security portfolio have grown! But this chapter on Kusto Query Language (KQL) statements for Sentinel stood out for me, and gave me a much better […]

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  • Change directory or transfer billing ownership?

    Change directory or transfer billing ownership?

    Visual Studio Subscription, aka MSDN, gives upwards of 125$ of monthly Azure credit, but I also need access to different type of Microsoft 365 subscriptions and in the earlier days I just created new trials. Think I am around 150 trial tenants these days, which means I have to move my Azure Credit to the […]

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  • IaC Journey continues 2022 (Bicep)

    IaC Journey continues 2022 (Bicep)

    With previous practice using JSON template and reading up on IaC through colleagues of mine, I decided the next step is testing Bicep. I started this series of blogs with the naked truth of my coding journey from 2004 to 2022, I recommend reading it here as this is follow-my-journey from that post. Bicep is […]

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  • Windows 365 in Azure Activity logs?

    Windows 365 in Azure Activity logs?

    How does the activity log look like for the resource group hosting the Virtual Network you have connected Windows 365 to? Anything out of the ordinary? As written about here, I have a Windows 365 policy connecting Cloud-PCs to an Azure Virtual Network, and Windows 365 keeps making changes caught by the audit logs in […]

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  • Ruff journey into IaC (2004-2022)

    Ruff journey into IaC (2004-2022)

    This is my journey into Infrastructure as Code, and let me tell you, it is still an ongoing journey. A long time ago, back in 2004, I started as a sysadmin apprentice working with on-premises Microsoft Enterprise technology. Troubleshooted some batch-script and made some minor Powershell-scripts on my way, but it was 95% click-ops. January […]

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  • Windows 365 as Jump Host to Azure?

    Windows 365 as Jump Host to Azure?

    Connect your Windows 365 Cloud PC to a Azure Virtual Network? When talking to IT Pros about Windows 365, we often discuss Windows 365 as a jump host for privileged users. And it does increase security to have strict configured desktop, when you access services with extra privileges. The desktop will less likely be infected […]

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  • How to configure DevOps with Lighthouse

    Peering virtual networks between two tenants using IaC/ARM? Or any other task requiring you to login into multiple tenants during deployment, but want to automate it without having credentials in the script or any other local solution for encrypting credentials? Want to deploy everything with templates from DevOps, but each task in a pipeline only connects to […]

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  • Improved Select-AzureRmSubscription

    Improved Select-AzureRmSubscription

    Are you managing multiple subscriptions with a single corporate account? I sometimes work with customers that uses multiple subscriptions in Azure, but uses the same Azure Active Directory, so you can atleast access them all from one account. I searched the Internet and found this simple way of selecting the subscription from a list: #Get […]

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  • Moving Marketplace images into existing resource groups

    Moving Marketplace images into existing resource groups

    Not only Palo Alto, but alot of the templates hosted in the Azure Marketplace has restrictions to how we can deploy these resources. And it is mostly because the vendor wants to help you, but it doesn’t always fit with the existing infrastructure in Azure. The two most annoying restrictions are: 1. Cannot be deployed […]

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  • Azure Server Management Tools

    Azure Server Management Tools

    Management tools is a feature in the Azure Portal, currently in Public Preview, but it is ment to administrate servers hosted outside Azure.  Giving us a single administrative interface, but it also works for Azure Virtual Machines. Does it require inbound traffic? No 🙂 We establish a Proxy in the LAN, which then distributes the […]

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