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  • Azure Backup for Windows Clients also

    Azure Backup for Windows Clients also

    The Azure Backup now supports Windows Client 7, 8/8.1 and 10, so lets look at installation and configuration of a file backup to a¬†Azure Backup Vault. In these videos I schedule a backup of my offline available files stored in OneDrive for Business, giving me a historical backup of OneDrive for Business. Also known as […]

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  • Move OWA from ISA/TMG/UAG to WAP

    Move OWA from ISA/TMG/UAG to WAP

    Configure Web Application Proxy (WAP) to publish Exchange 2007 Webmail (OWA). Pre reqs: ADFS Installed and Configured WAP Installed and Configured So I will go through the steps needed to Publish OWA With WAP Server, and lets start With the Publishing rule at Our WAP Server. Open the Remote Access Management Console (RAMC). Click Publish […]

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  • Windows 8.1 RTM Upgrade

    Windows 8.1 RTM Upgrade

    So today was the release date of Windows 8.1 RTM, which is the version released to the manufactures. Device manufactures which are included when selling their devices. In other words, it is as close to the version we can buy as it gets. Windows 8 Pro wil get the Upgrade as an Update (like Service […]

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