Azure Backup for Windows Clients also

The Azure Backup now supports Windows Client 7, 8/8.1 and 10, so lets look at installation and configuration of a file backup to a Azure Backup Vault.

In these videos I schedule a backup of my offline available files stored in OneDrive for Business, giving me a historical backup of OneDrive for Business. Also known as snapshots, which I can restore from each snapshot back in time, if needed.

First we need to create a storage for the backup and it is called a Backup Vault. Keep in mind we can only have 25 Backup Vaults for each Azure Subscription, so use a Backup Vault for several servers and Clients. A single Backup Vault can have 50 servers/Clients making it a total of 1250 servers/Clients each Subscription. Each server or Client configured with Azure Backup will have its own passphrase for encryption and decryption, so it will still be secured when sharing a Backup Vault.

Remember to store your passphrase a place which can’t be compromised easily, and the folder we wan’t to backup is the wrong place obviously.

Then we install and configure the Azure Backup Agent we downloaded.

The last step is to configure a Backup Schedule, where we choose which folders and files to take backup of. We also set how often we wan’t to take backup and remember it should be at a time of the day we usually have the powercable connected, incase it is a Laptop. The scheduled backup will be set on hold until the powercable is connected.

Source: Azure Blog.

Azure Backup Vault is priced by the amount of Storage we use, but starts With 5gb free and it is billed each month. Calculate Your Backup Pricing at Pricing Details.


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