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  • Introducing Office 365 Videotube

    Introducing Office 365 Videotube

    Announcing Office 365 Video is exciting, and I can’t wait until it is available in my First Release tenant. And with the upcoming Christmas parties it will be a huge success! So what will Office 365 Video be? Some would say its a corporate youtube within Office 365, and that gives the average user Joe […]

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  • Yammer integration with Office 365 Roadmap

    Yammer integration with Office 365 Roadmap

    Yammer will be Integrated With Office 365, and we have only seen the begining in Our Office 365 Navigation bar. First step was giving the Office 365 Navigation bar a shortcut to Yammer. Second step is giving SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business Yammer discussion Integration. Discuss documents and sites. Third step is announced now […]

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  • PS: Script license assigning for Office 365

    PS: Script license assigning for Office 365

    Wanted to share a script for assigning Licenses to Office 365 Users based on Security Groups in Your local Active Directory.   #Command One – Find users in local Security Group $LyncGroup=Get-ADGroupMember -Identity ‘LyncOnline’ -Recursive | %{get-aduser $_.samaccountname} | Select UserPrincipalName #$LyncGroup is just a placeholder for every users UserPrinciplaName found in the Security Group […]

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  • Yammer Enterprise support AD Sync and SSO

    I would allways recommend customers to consider Office 365 when they would like any of the services provided by Office 365, but in certain cases we only want one service. Yammer is a service you can buy outside Office 365 and its geat News that Yammer Enterprise supports synchronization from Active Directory and also SSO […]

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