Introducing Office 365 Videotube

Announcing Office 365 Video is exciting, and I can’t wait until it is available in my First Release tenant. And with the upcoming Christmas parties it will be a huge success!

So what will Office 365 Video be? Some would say its a corporate youtube within Office 365, and that gives the average user Joe a good idea for what to use it for. Share videos for social reasons, education purposes or information purposes. It will be included in the Corporate Search within Office 365, and also displayed with Office Delve/Graph.

It will also be Integrated with Yammer, so conversations will be available for the videos.

It will not be a Public available video store, so its not the Place to store videos ment to be presented publicly. Office 365 Video is a SharePoint Online Product togethere with the Azure Media Services.

Supported codex: H.264, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, VC-1, WMV and DV.

A short video of the user experience:

A short video of a files Journey into Office 365 Video Archive:

Source: Office blog.

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