PowerShell: Assign Licenses

We frequently assign licenses to a bulk of users when customers migrate to Office 365, and ofcourse we use PowerShell 🙂

Prereqs: User must have defined a Location/Country.

First you’ll need a source with users to assign a license type, and we have used two ways:

Example1: Import-CSV File (See Export-CSV File)
Example2: Get-MsolUser -DomainName yourdomain.com

Second we need to find the name of your Office 365 license.

This command will show all of your license types.

But the name is to long, so we add a Select AccountSkuId to only get the name.
Get-MsolAccountSku | Select AccountSkuId

To add a license we leverage Set-MsolUserLicenses command:
Set-MsolUSerLicenses -UserPrincipalName myuser@mydomain.com -AddLicenses “AccountSkuId”

But that will only give one user a new license, so we combine this with the CSV-file:
Import-CSV -Path C:File.csv | ForEach-Object | Set-MsolUSerLicenses -AddLicenses “AccountSkuId”
Get-MsolUser -DomainName yourdomain.com | ForEach-Object | Set-MsolUSerLicenses -AddLicenses “AccountSkuId”

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