RMS in Office 365 with Azure RMS (SaaS)

Office 365 Plan E3/E4, A3/A4 and G3/G4 includes the rights to use Azure Rights Management in Office 365 Services, so lets have a look how this can enable us to take a little bit of protection into Our own hands. Instead of allways demanding it from the service provider.

First out, Exchange Online servicing Our Email.

Encrypt Messages in Outlook, Outlook Web App and within the OWA App for iPad and iPhone. And some smart Phones using Exchange Active Sync like Windows Phone 8, leverage Azure RMS to encrypt all Messages you find yourself want to protect abit more.

Exchange Online also uses RMS when dealing With Transport Rules and Data Loss Prevention, making it easier for Our users to not accidently send out information suppose to be secure inside Your organization or team. Either by enforcing RMS templates when Exchange Online find certain information, like paryment card information, Security numbers or patient data, or giving the user a tip for what he or she is about to send.

SharePoint Online servicing Our data Library, Intranet and more.

SharePoint Libraries can  use RMS to protect files after they are downloaded or viewed, which is in terms also a kind of download as you have copied the information inside to Your screen. Making bits and bites of the information fly over the internet towards Your computer and screen.

SharePoint Online can set rights for printing, editing and forcing a permission request every time the document is opened.

This also includes OneDrive for Business as it is SharePoint.

Applications supporting RMS

We mentioned earlier that Outlook, OWA, OWA App and some Active Sync Devices like Windows Phone 8 supports applying and Reading RMS Protected information. This also applies to Applications in Office 2010/2013 and there is an RMS App aswell. Which is needed for Office 2010 to use Azure RMS, but it is also a good app for securing Pictures from mobile Devices.

Other Applications supporting RMS:

Enabling Rights Management in Office 365

Run the following commands to enable Rights Management within Exchange Online after connecting to Microsoft Online Services and Exchange Online:

Or use the Graphical User Interface within Office 365 Admin Center:


Enabling use of RMS inside a SharePoint Online Document Library

This is done per site page inside SharePoint Online, not the Admin Center.

sharepointrms1 sharepointrms2 sharepointrms3

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