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  • RMS in Office 365 with Azure RMS (SaaS)

    RMS in Office 365 with Azure RMS (SaaS)

    Office 365 Plan E3/E4, A3/A4 and G3/G4 includes the rights to use Azure Rights Management in Office 365 Services, so lets have a look how this can enable us to take a little bit of protection into Our own hands. Instead of allways demanding it from the service provider. First out, Exchange Online servicing Our […]

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  • How to use Office Protection and Rights Management?

    How to use Office Protection and Rights Management?

    Protect Word documents, Excel worksheets and PowerPoint Presentation With Rights Management Service (RMS). These days we talk alot about privacy terms and how the larger Companies meet demands from laws and not to mention us as customers, but what do we do ourself to protect Our data? Take a look at these screenshots: Mark as […]

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  • Office 365 Pro Plus for Terminal Services

    Office 365 Pro Plus for Terminal Services

    As of now we can’t use Office 365 Pro Plus for Terminal Services, so the solution has been an exception for Office 365 customers to gain one License to download and install Office 2013 from theĀ Volume Licensing Portal. But Microsoft announces a New Version of Office 365 Pro Plus supporting Terminal Services like VMware Horizon, […]

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  • DirSync for Domain Controllers

    DirSync for Domain Controllers

    DirSync is now available for installation on Domain Controllers! So you have only ONE server or you want to consolidate servers, because after implementing virtualization it has gone out of hand šŸ™‚ Latest version is compatible with Domain Controllers, version:Ā 6553.0002 and newer

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  • PowerShell + Documentation = FTW!

    PowerShell + Documentation = FTW!

    We often need to make documentation either for our customers or for our own good šŸ™‚ TheĀ beautiful way is with screenshots and lots of colors, but these are not much efficient. For example if you do these often or you need to do them again, screenshots are pictures you can’t copy from and often you […]

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  • PowerShell Command Builder

    PowerShell Command Builder

    PowerShell is the closes I get to a God and this is because it is a very powerfull tool. Often as in Office 365 more powerfull then your Admin Center. But it is also a lot of commands to remember, so here is a tip for beginners or like me users with limited memory to […]

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