What is Azure AD Premium?

Azure Active Directory is the Active Directory behind every Microsoft Online Service, like Office 365, Azure, Intune and CRM Online.

Azure Active Directory is free, and can be registered without buying any Microsoft Online Service. Just using it as a idenity store can have value, or if you wanne save the xxxx.onmicrosoft.com domain for a later use.

But, this means that if you are willing to pay alittle for the Azure Active Directory, you can have the Premium package.

Multi-factor authentication –Enabling seamless secure access to Azure, Office 365, Dynamics CRM Online and 1200+ non-Microsoft services which are pre-integrated with Azure AD.  Users are prompted to setup additional verification when signing in once Multi-Factor Authentication for Azure AD identities is enabled

Group-based app access – Groups can be created to provision users and bulk assign access to 1200+ SaaS apps.  Groups can be created just for cloud enablement or existing groups synced from an on premise AD implementation can also be used. Also known as http://myapps.microsoft.com

Advanced security reports and alerts – Protect and monitor access to cloud apps via detailed logs highlighting inconsistent access more advanced anomaly reports. Said reports can also provide insight to effectively respond to potential threats and improve secure Access.

Self-service Enablement – The ability for employees to reset their password using the same sign in experience they have for Office 365, create & request access to other groups, delegate group ownership and maintain their group’s memberships. For Cloud Identities or later With the release of these days preview of DirSync also for Synchronized Identities.

Forefront Identity Manager (FIM)
– Granting rights to use both the FIM server and CALs in on-premise networks supporting a combination of Hybrid Identity solutions. Also provides a variation of on-premises directories and databases enabled to sync directly to Azure AD. There is no limit on the number of FIM servers utilized though FIM CALs are granted based on the allocation of an Azure AD premium user License. This is a cheap way of getting FIM Server og CALs, but the price is developing or configuring FIM to Your organization.

Enterprise SLA
– A guarantee of 99.9% availability at minimum in using Azure Active Directory Premium service. But this also follows all Microsoft Online Services you buy for.


My Guess, we will be seeing more of these features 🙂

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